A COMPLETE GUIDE OF COVID-19 AID: How to Help Others In Need (In Washington State) 


Medical care is a national challenge for millions and during the crisis of COVID-19, people are in even more need of help. 

This list includes information for those who are needing immediate assistance as well as a place for individuals to to seek out precautionary measures to help the spreading of the virus. 

This is a time to share these resources and we hope these links provide relief for those in need .


If you or anyone you know is experiencing symptoms - here's where and how to find testing for COVID-19


For many people, and children specifically - education is a place of safety, food and health services and community/social guidance. With the current state of affairs, many are without these resources. Here we lay out a list of resources that can be helpful - everything from food assistance, free education (virtual), and more. 


Food - we all need it. Aside from conscious consumption habits and practicing sharing, there are many people whose food sources have been compromised. Here's our list of support. 


Due to recent closures, workers are left without compensation and are fighting for ways to find income(s). 

This list of resources points towards housing aid, for those who are currently experiencing financial strain as well as those who might soon experience challenges due to COVID-19. 


With the increase of business closures, there are many people without jobs they rely on. Here is where we share information on where to file for unemployment. We strongly advise you seek out advisors to assist you in processing for unemployment, as we are not experts in this arena.


The link below we've found useful and will have a page with more resources for this soon. 

If you're unsure, you should seek advice from your current employer and it never hurts to "phone a friend" for help. 


Here is where we'll share information about assistance for small businesses and freelancers such as artists and musicians. 

We have a soft spot in our hearts for these culture creators and we're working on advancing this list. 

Stay tuned for more..

March 2020 | Colton Dixon Winger